Revati Nakshatra
26 Jan 2022

Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra

26 Jan 2022

Happy Republic Day friends!

Starting today I'd be writing posts regarding characteristics of people born with Moon placed in 27 different Asterisms (Nakshatras in Hindi).
Today being Wednesday, a day associated with planet Mercury, I start with the last Asterism Revati (Zeta Piscium) associated with Mercury as per Hindu Astrology.

Shree Ganeshay Namah

27. Revati Nakshatra
- Considered as an asterism that nourishes and brings prosperity, growth and vitality.
- Represented by Fish depicting constant learning and movement.
- Often described as the doorway to Salvation as per Hindu Scriptures

- Astronomically represents the star Zeta Piscium in the constellation Pisces.
- Often good looking, charming and an extrovert.
- Life of any party and tend to stand out from the crowd.
- Quite optimistic towards life, happy-go-lucky.
- Happiest in the company of friends.
- Possess strong intuition because of which they can make the right decisions most of the time.
- Sensitive, empathetic to a degree that can burn them out completely, as they go out and about to help friends, relatives etc. even before their own needs are met.
- Pure-hearted, soft-spoken, adjusting nature, sincere in their dealings both in personal and professional lives.
- Know the art to say the right thing at the right time, so they are unlikely to hurt anyone with their words or deeds.
- Though they do not trust blindly, but once they give their trust (after great deliberation), they tend to care deeply for those people and are like an open book to them.
- Often keep their friends before themselves.
- Tend to be either completely involved or completely detached. Loving people by halves is really difficult for them.
- Respectful in society and expert in keeping love among people.
- Ambitious, strong will-power to overcome obstacles to reach their goals.
- Inquisitive, have a scientific bent of mind, interested in Astrology, Astronomy and history of cultures.
- Like to travel. Their symbol Fish represents constant movement and learning.
- Have a keen mind for music, poetry etc.
- Have a strong interest and faith in Spirituality.
- Keen student of Life, like to learn, improve constantly.
- Tend to get hurt because of their empathetic nature.
- Tend to jump at any opportunity to do any work, irrespective of whether they are capable of handling it or not because they see it as an opportunity to learn something new. This can thus lead to failure and disappointment.
Famous Personalities - Rihanna, Angleina Jolie, Jaya Bachchan etc.
Coming up next: Uttara Bhadrapada (Gamma Pegasi and Alpha Andromedae)