Saturn's transit in Sagittarius - Part I
25 Oct 2017

Saturn's transit in Sagittarius - Part I

Saturn's transit in Sagittarius - Part I

25 Oct 2017




Saturn, the planet that decides the outcome of our actions, is entering its happy sign of Sagittarius on 26/10/2017 at 14:03 hours and will stay there till 24/01/2020 09:56 hours. The impact of Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius for various Ascendant signs is discussed hereafter.


For Aries ascendant, Saturn acts as 10th Lord of profession, career etc. and also as 11th Lord of gains, friends, elder siblings etc. Saturn acts as a functional malefic for Aries.

Saturn’s placement in 9th house of luck, fortune, long journeys, father etc. it may bring bad luck, long journeys, bad health or misfortune to father of the native. Being 12th from the 10th house of career, its placement in 9th house may also cause distraction at work for the native. As 11th Lord, Saturn’s placement here is good for luck of the native, he / she gets support from his / her father.

Saturn’s 10th aspect from 9th house is on 6th house, as such, the Aries people might suffer from health-related issues, debts and obstacles in general life.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect from 9th house is on 11th house with its own sign, Aquarius, as such the Aries people may have gains, promotions in career or profession and will enjoy social gatherings.

Saturn’s 7th aspect from 9th house is on 3rd house, as such, the Aries people might feel lethargic, lazy. There might be some short-term journeys and adverse conditions for their father / siblings. Professionals might find some adverse conditions, obstacles at work.


For Taurus ascendant, Saturn acts as 9th Lord of luck, father, long journeys etc. and also as 10th Lord of career, profession etc. Saturn acts a Yogkaraka as it is lord of Kendra as well as Trikona house and is thus benefic for Taurus ascendants.

Saturn’s placement in 8th house of longevity, inheritance, chance etc. will bode well for native’s recovery from illness, if he / she is suffering from any, it will also be good for any sudden gains and inheritance.

Saturn’s 10th aspect from 8th house is on 10th house of profession, career etc., as such, Taurus people would find work environment to be conducive; things would be good at work, any pending promotions may finally be decided in favour of the native.

Saturn’s 3th aspect from 8th house is on 5th house of children, education, emotions, creativity, as such, this a good time for people looking to increase their family, students, artists etc. For professionals this is a good time, if they are looking for a job change.

Saturn’s 7th aspect is on 2nd house of family, speech, saved income etc. as such, this is a good period for increase in income, rapport with family would be good.


For Gemini ascendant, Saturn acts as 8th Lord of longevity, inheritance, chance etc. and also as 9th Lord of luck, fortune, father, long journeys etc. Being both 8th Lord and 9th Lord it acts as a neutral with a leaning towards benefic.

Saturn’s placement in 7th house of marriage will delay any marriage matters; married life of people may be difficult initially but later on it will improve. There could be some foreign trip / long distance journey coming up.

Saturn’s 10th aspect on 4th house of mother, land / property, vehicles indicates that relations with mother may suffer initially but again they will improve later on. The native may decide to go for renovation or buying of a constructed property.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on 9th house of father, long journey, luck as its own sign is good for luck, general well-being of father. There could also be some long distance / foreign trip coming up.

Saturn’s 7th aspect on the ascendant may delay prosperity, cause some health concerns. The native needs to be careful while driving.


For Cancer ascendant, Saturn acts as 7th Lord of marriage, marriage matters, foreign trips, public image etc. and also 8th Lord of longevity, chance, inheritance etc. Being lords of two malefic houses it functions as a malefic for Cancer ascendant.

Saturn’s placement in 6th house of illness, debts, obstacles, enemies etc. will help the native to fight these and emerge a winner. Any pending works of the native will start moving forward, debts / loans will be repaid and he / she will recover from illness, if suffering from any.

Saturn’s 10th aspect on 3rd house of younger siblings, hobbies, effort, valour will make the native lethargic, lazy. It is not good for his / her general well-being of his / her younger siblings or they may have differences among themselves. There could also be short distance journeys.

Saturn’s 7th aspect on 12th house is good for spirituality, charity. There could also be some long-distance journeys.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on 8th house with its own sign will also help protect / nourish the significations of this house namely, inheritance, sudden gains, recovery from diseases / ill-health, gains at work etc.


For Leo ascendant, Saturn acts as 6th Lord of diseases, debts/loans, obstacles, enemies etc. and also as 7th Lord of marriage, marriage matters, foreign trips, public image etc.

Saturn’s placement in 5th house of education, children, creativity, emotions etc. is not good for students, artists, and general well-being of children or some differences with children. There may also be gain of public image, foreign trips and romantic relationships may take birth.

Saturn’s 10th aspect on 2nd house of family, income, food, speech etc. may cause the native to have differences with family, mixed state of financial affairs, make him / her short tempered etc.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on 7th house of public image, foreign trip, sub-profession, marriage, marriage matters will offer protection of the signification of the house as it contains its own sign. It will protect native’s public image, marriage, marriage matters, matters related to profession. There could also be so long distance / foreign trip.

Saturn’s 7th aspect on 11th house of gains, wealth, friends, elder siblings will delay any expected gains, there might be some differences with friends, elder siblings and also some expense of money. There could be some gains from marriage, foreign / long distance trips though.


For Virgo ascendant, Saturn acts as 5th Lord of children, wealth, education, creativity, emotions etc. and also as 6th Lord of diseases, obstacles, debts/loans, enemies etc. In this way it works as a neutral planet.

Saturn’s placement in 4th house is good for matters relating to agriculture, constructed properties etc. It is not good for general well-being of children, mother and/or may give differences with them. The students may find it difficult to concentrate on studies.

Saturn’s 10th aspect on ascendant may initially bring problems related to health, general prosperity of the native, but later on these should improve.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on 6th house containing its own sign will protect the native from diseases, help him / her to reduce debts / loans, and overcome difficulties in general. 

Saturn’s 7th aspect on 10th house of profession, career will cause some troubles at work front.

To be continued.....